Saturday, 11 June 2011

miss you DADDY

17/6/1957 .. tarikh yg adik x bole nk lupe sepanjang idop adik ..
then 19/6/2011 taon ni jugak hari pling special utk daddy cz on that day is FATHER'S DAY ..
i wanna celebrate ur burfday n father's day with u daddy .. i wish u could get back brunei as soon as possible .. 
i really2 miss u daddy .. i never felt this way b4 ..
sepatotnye last week kn ddy ptot dtg cni .. tp xpe .. adik phm daddy ad keje kt phuket ..
then daddy tros g bali sbb ad meeting .. tp adk nk daddy blik cpt ..
adk,abang darwish gn abang dasuki nk celebrate burfday daddy gn father's day kt cni ..
sbb 2 dh msti kemestian kite kn .. x bole kalo x sambot ..
abg darwish gn abg dasuki bru smpai cni ptg smlm ..
they want give u surprise on that day .. so balik la cpt daddy ..
we wish u'll be back b4 16/6/2011 oke ..
daddy balik cpt .. adik gn abg dh rndu kt daddy ni ...
only u we hve in the world ..
i miss you DADDY ..

By : Deesya Javier's


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